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            COTTAGE POINT



....is one of Sydney’s smallest, yet most scenic, and unspoilt suburbs.


Located at the junction of Cowan Creek and Coal & Candle Creek, Cottage Point was only reached by boat until 1934 when a

bridle track to Akuna Bay was formed.


Cottage Point is listed as a heritage conservation area

supporting a wide variety of native flora and fauna. 


Cottage Point Kiosk & Boat Hire

The kiosk is a great place to have a coffee or a light meal. They also offer boat and kayak hire.

Phone: +61 2 9456 3024

W: www.cottagepointkiosk.com.au



Kuring-Gai Motor Yacht Club

Phone: 9456 3538                             Address: 1 Cottage Point Road, Cottage Point

Cottage Point Boat Shed

Phone: 9456 3563                               1 Notting Lane, Cottage Point



Pink Water Taxis

Services the waterways of Pittwater - Broken Bay - Cowan Creek - The Hawkesbury River - Brisbane Waters.

Phone: 0428 238 190





Sydney Seaplanes

Offers a service to the Sydney region from: Scenic Flights, Waterfront Restaurant Transfers, Weekend Getaways and Charter Flights.

W: www.seaplanes.com.au


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