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            COTTAGE POINT



....is one of Sydney’s smallest, yet most scenic, and unspoilt suburbs.


Located at the junction of Cowan Creek and Coal & Candle Creek, Cottage Point was only reached by boat until 1934 when a

bridle track to Akuna Bay was formed.


Cottage Point is listed as a heritage conservation area

supporting a wide variety of native flora and fauna. 



How to get there 

  • From Sydney travel along Mona Vale Road heading towards Terry Hills
  • Turn into McCarrs Creek Rd and travel straight ahead for approx 2kms
  • Take the left fork into General San Martin Drive (Cottage Point) and proceed straight through the unmanned National Park booth
  • Travel until you reach a turn off to Cottage Point Road – 3.5kms
  • Travel along this road until you reach Cottage Point - 4kms



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